Saturday, April 09, 2005

My Heroes Would Never Date Me

I came to the conclusion my heroes would have no romantic interest in me whatsoever. Why do I write them this way?

I say "dude" too much. My heroes wouldn't be interested in ValleySpeak girl. I also swear too much. My heroes tend to be refined, classy.

To be fair, I wouldn't be all that hot to date them either except they are rich and drive nice cars. Oh, and they are gorgeous.

But at the core, we would not be compatible. Hmm....perhaps it is a natural way of putting distance between me and my characters. My characters never lead me around, I can say I am always in control of my hero and heroine. Plot sometimes gets away, but usually in a good manner because there is a hole that needs to be patched. I do not write people that I want to hang around with. My writing tends to be dark and the traumas my characters go through are beyond what I would deal with in real life.

I suppose what it gets down to is my heroes are large than life, which is appropriate to romance writing. They possess characteristics not found in the average man, or at least characteristics the average guy is going to exploit. While they are three dimensional, I do not dwell on the bad traits, unless I need them to further the conflict.

My husband asks if he is the model for my heroes. Beyond sliding him a doubting glance, I don't say anymore. I will bother "guy" things from my hubby to use, but my heroes are nothing like my spouse. My spouse is very bright and far too logical to make a good hero. He is never ruled by his emotions. He thinks before he acts. If he were the hero of a novel, it would be a very short book.

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