Saturday, April 23, 2005

Twenty Weeks!!! ms "City of Angels" has been with two agents for 20 weeks. Isn't it odd I talk about it using a method of measure I would use if I were pregnant? What is frustrating is the two agents had the partial for 5 months before they asked for the full. Another agent has had the full for a month, so I'm not too concerned there. But I am getting a little antsy.

As I posted yesterday, my scores for "City of Dreams" (brownie points to those who figured out they are connected, I'm not real clever with titles ) were quite good and I'd like to give the ms its chance at submission...BUT...I'm tied up with the first book. Entre nous "COD" is better than "COA" although they are both good. I have third book in the trilogy partially plotted, but I don't dare try and write it because a) while it would stand on its own, it compliments the other two and b) the hero is Asian-American and I fear I will have problems selling it without the other two as back up.

The next problem is I am currently working on a historical. It leans towards romantic suspense and it is near completion. I predict it will be ready for submission by the end of May to mid-June. I really don't want to be sitting on two complete & polished mss while one is in limbo.

I took the problem to the AAAPro loop. It was suggested that I set a date next month and contact the agents, asking them, politely, to make up their minds or at least give me status. Sigh...the thought of making such a move gives me the dry heaves. I don't like conflict and I am terrified at what their answer will be.

For now, I can jump with anticipation every time the phone rings. I can wake up Monday morning and think this will be the week I could get the call from an agent and have representation. If I am proactive, I could receive an answer I don't want to hear.

I've yet to pick a date. I thought maybe May 21 since that is my birthday. I'm turning 38, so I might as well get all my misery over in one day. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

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Anonymous said...

This whole gig is really a waiting game, isn't it? One of my friends just got a manuscript back from a publisher who had it TWO YEARS. I just had one at a publisher for a year..with follow up letters, and they JUST told me they can't find it. Resubmit. Fun. NOT.

If you're dreading writing the letters, I'd just go ahead and do them and send them out, and get the whole "dread" thing over with.