Sunday, August 20, 2006

Because He Loves Me

Today is my anniversary. Twelve years ago today I looked liked that. Damn, we looked young.

Marriage is difficult. Forcing to different personalities to live with each other and expect them to do it until death do they part is pretty tough when you think about it. But somehow we manage.

There is so much change and doubt in the world, I think it is amazing love can last. Being a romance writer, I'm hardwired to believe in happy endings. But the happy ending in a romance novel is different from the happy ending in a book.

It's a helluva lot more work. There are dark times, times where we make each other miserable. But we work through it and learn a bit more how to keep our marriage working.

When I read about celebrity marriages which crumble after a couple of years, I have to shake my head. I suppose some of these folks live in a world where every effort is made to keep them happy, they expect everything to be that way. But true love isn't a golden dream populated by unicorns and spun-sugar flowers. It is as much toil as it is joy. And those struggles only make it more worthwhile.

Now, after twelve years, I know, without a doubt, he loves me. And not a hearts and flowers love, but the lasting, solid love which embodies the soul. I guess soulmate is the term, but whatever, I never doubt the depth of his love or the commitment he has to our marriage. I know I am the only woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. It took a few years to figure that one out. But I can feel his love is everlasting. We have built an amazing life together I look forward to the years, look forward to growing old with this man in the life we have built.

BTW, guess what I got for an anniversary present. I'll give you a hint. It's name starts with a "i" and ends with a "d" and it only comes in black or white. It helped that I had the kids campaign for me.