Sunday, August 13, 2006

This Thing Called Love


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Okay, so that is the name of this edition of the romance writing blog carnival. I will need the link to your post by August 13 or at least a copy of what you want to post so I can write it up in the carnival post. You can submit in two different ways. First, you can email me via that handy little graphic at the side which says "day or nite, leave a message" or you can go here to Blog Carnival and submit that way as well.

The topic for this carnival is:

Why romance? What is it about the romance genre that attracts you as a writer? As a reader?

I figure that's a pretty general topic to start with. Depending on how everyone feels about the carnival, we could do one every month or so, delving into deeper topics about writing.

Any questions, let me know. I'm working on a graphic you can have on your site for the carnival.

***Teresa brought up a good point. The post doesn't have to be new. If you have a really good post on your blog from back in the past, that will work too. Just make sure the link works.*****