Friday, August 04, 2006

The L.A. Zoo

I took the kids the the L.A. Zoo yesterday. I had a couple of pictures but Blogger doesn't seem interested in loading them today. Anyway, it went okay. My son whined the whole time. His feet hurt. His side hurt. The zoo really smells. There is too much feces (he is convinced animals should be trained to use a toilet). The children from the various daycamps who came to the zoo were too loud and they were disturbing the animals. Blah, Blah, Blah. My 6 year old daughter was in a snit because I wouldn't let her ride in the stroller and we ate at benches rather than a picnic table. The three year old seemed to have a good time. We asked her to talk to the Golden Cheeked Gibbons and she said, "Hi, you losers." A shining moment for me as a parent, particularly with all the other parents looking at me with incredulous expressions.

The girls liked the reptile house the best. They seem to have an affinity for cold blooded creatures. Perhaps I should be worried?

During one section of the zoo, there were these two women taking their kids through the zoo. We were on track for the same exhibits. All the one woman talked about was raising kids. She was a walking "Parenting" magazine. I wanted to smack her. From her companion's expression, I don't think I was alone. Of course while she is blathering on and on, her kids are climbing up towards the animals and being obnoxious.

What I find hard to believe is how shabby this zoo is. I find this beyond comprehension considering its in Los Angeles. I should amend that. The gift shops are very nice as is the entrance where they probably hold their benefits. But the exhibits have a rundown feel to them. I won't even mention the elephants, only to say I think the activists have a valid point. I suppose it is hard to compete when you have the San Diego Zoo about three hours away. Not that L.A. isn't trying. There were at least three major construction sites operating while we were there.

It was a nice break from the day-to-day. I'd done a bunch of writing this week and I felt drained. Our heatwave hasn't returned yet so it was a pleasant day. The zoo was on my list of things to do with the kids this summer and with a month left before school, I felt the need to do something with them besides screaming.