Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ms. High Tech

So I bought a webcam yesterday.  Office Depot had a deal for Logitech webcams where you bought two, got $19 off of one then a $30 rebate, making the cost $9.99 for two.  I had to get me one these.  I needed it mainly so I could annoy Melissa on Messenger.  Or maybe I could set up a website and charge people to watch me scream at my kids.  Anyway, Its kind of a cute little doodad although I haven’t really done much with it.  But here’s the fun part of my story.  The camera came with a microphone.  So I hooked up the microphone and started voice training it.  OMG, here is a piece of my typical conversation with my computer using MS Word:

Me: Open document
(We’re okay to that point)
Me: Fairy
Computer: Very
Computer: Very
Computer: What was that?
Me: ##%$$%^$#$#V$%$#%

Then I start dictating on a document.  OH, talk about more trouble than its worth.  So I’m using a cheap mike, I’m sure that’s not helping, but geez, it really is a pain.  It is kind of nice because I can say “New Document” and it does.  This keeps my hands free to make stupid faces at Melissa through the camera.  All in all, this little high tech gadget is pretty pointless.  When it did work, I realized how I speak and how I write is totally different.  Not the same at all.  Plus, I type faster than I talk.

In other stuff, I updated Search for the Good Life today.  I’m talking about being a healthy writer with some useful links.

I’m going to go play with my camera now.