Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two Weeks

So, two more weeks before school starts and the natives are restless.  

Supernerd has decided it is time to test his father’s temper.  Not a wise thing, but the Force is strong in my family.  The younger generation hasn’t figured out there are only two Sith at anyone time and right now they are Darth Grandpa and Darth Dad.  But it doesn’t stop the younger generation from trying to usurp the throne.  

My hubby is a lawyer which means he is good in any argument.  He is also good at asking the right questions and expecting the right answers.  And he’s crabby.  His workload is non-ceasing, so being contrary for the sake of contrariness is just not wise.  I had to gawk last night when my son pushed back on his dad.  The kid has a mouth on him and the undeserved arrogance of the truly brilliant.  His attitude is going to land him flat on the ground with a black eye if he isn’t careful.  

He is growing bolder.  For the most part, he has been using his Dark Side powers on his sister which is annoying but not particularly foolhardy.  The last couple of days he has tried it on his dad, mouthing off and shooting attitude with the power of a .44 magnum.  His dad asked him a question last night and my son was in a snit.  So instead of answering with a monosyllabic response, he decides to ignore his dad.  At the dinner table.  Boy, the kid has big brass ones.  His dad told him to go eat in another room.  Kid is cruisin’ for a bruisin’.  For some reason he hasn’t figured out who holds the power in the house.  Literally.  It would be simple enough for me to take away his computer, gamecube & PS2.  Duh.  Dad could also take away his allowance.

I expect him to be sullen.  He is ten going on fifteen.  But the stupid part is surprising.  I think it is his restlessness and his need to go back to school.  His mind needs the outlet and he isn’t finding it in Super Mario.  Sure, there are plenty of things for him to do, but it doesn’t replace the structure of school.

Oh, by the way, I posted at Search for the Good Life about eating a meal together as a family and the benefits it provides.  I’d like to share the joy which I’ve been experiencing lately.  Sullen kids, crabby husband, obnoxious toddler, makes the meal feel extra special.