Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hubby Goes Gourmet

Hubby made dinner tonight.  He made a pasta dish in a light broth based on something he had at a restaurant.  It was quite good, in fact it was better than the one he brought home.

When we first started dating, he did all the cooking, inviting me over to his place and fixing dinner.  Things didn’t change after we got married, he still did most of the cooking.  That’s changed over the last five years since I am now a stay-at-home.  I do most of the cooking (I don’t barbecue, I don’t think hubby could handle me touching his grills).  So tonight was a bit of a treat, particularly as he tried to make this meal as low fat and low cholesterol as he could.  To top it off, he made milkshakes for the kids and a frozen coffee confection for us that had a bit of Starbucks Coffee Liqueur in it.

Is it me or is there something incredibly attractive about a man that cooks?  I mean, besides the obvious of having a man do a chore which falls so often to a woman, but I find it fascinating to watch a guy in the kitchen.  What do you think?  And guys, have you ever cooked a meal to impress a woman?  Did it work?