Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The kids have been home for spring break and the television is on more than ever. So its time for Thirteen Kids Shows that Drive Me Insane!
These are in no particular order. They all equally make me pray for a root canal.

1. The Power Rangers. You know these guys have been torturing adults since 1993? Thing watches this show in all its repulsive incarnations all day long. She won't watch anything else.
2. Dora the Explorer. Thing and Diva both loved this show. Dora's shrill shrieking makes my ears bleed.
3. Smurfs. Thanks to Boomerang, this show is on everyday and my kids love it. All three of them.
4. Snorks. More thanks to Boomerang. This show makes the "Smurfs" look like "Masterpiece Theater."
5. Horseland. This is actually a Saturday morning cartoon, but thanks to the miracle of Tivo, we can watch every day. Who says technology is wonderful?
6. Wonderpets. This show is just plain creepy.
7. Wow, Wow Wubbzy. This show isn't really all that bad, but it is set at such a frantic pace, I feel like I've been downing 12 oz. espressos when I watch it.
8. Winx Club. Another Saturday show that Diva will watch all the time. Fairy bimbos with annoying voices.
9. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I'm convinced I must have been an axe murderer in a previous life and this show is my punishment.
10. My Gym Partner's a Monkey. I like a lot of Cartoon Network's shows. This is not one of them. A little too irritating.
11. Scooby Doo Where Are You? Remember when we were kids and we loved this show? I loved it, particularly Daphne, she was so cool. Boy, was I an idiot. My kids watch this show in all its different forms as well.
12. The Doodlebops. Thing loves this show. I run and hide in the bathroom, gently bashing my head into wall until its over.
13. Max & Ruby. I thought this show had gone off the air, but while airing the shudderingly bad Easter show, the voice over said to be looking for new episodes. I'd rather clean a toilet with a toothbrush then be subjected to the whiny girl bunny and her juvenile deliquent brother.

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