Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I seemed to have disappeared from the blogosphere. I wish I could say it was the overwhelming desire to write which kept me absent. No, I decided to dive in and do some spring cleaning. Each day this week I've taken a room and cleaned it top to bottom. Here's a suggestion: if there is a couple getting married and you really don't like them, get them silver for a present. My arm still hurts from polishing my silver. I don't have much, but what I have at least never gets used. I still polish it about once a year, but it is a royal pain. I washed all the wine glasses hanging from my bar. I rearranged the liquor cabinet (and didn't sample). Polished all the furniture. CLEANED MY DESK!!! I still have a tic from that experience. Cleaned the windows, went through the dvd's and put them away and cleaned out my bookcases. Ugh. I'd hoped to avoid this since I'm supposed to be getting a remodel. However, it appears that's not going to be happening for awhile.

Why this big urge to clean? Well, my house was dirty and it needed it, but it also serves a couple of other purposes. When I'm busy and active, I don't feel like eating. It keeps my mind away from those things that bother me and a lot has been on my mind lately. I tend to sink into melancholy if I think about things too much. I crank up my iPod and lose myself to the tasks at hand. It keeps me from worrying about those things I cannot change at this time.

I don't feel like writing right now. I'm in limbo with my last book and I don't have the heart to keep writing on anything new. So I'm trying to use my time constructively. Its too easy for me to lounge in front of the computer lamenting my struggles with writing and publishing. In the meantime, nothing else gets done. I'm hoping a clean house reflects a clean mind. When this is over, I'm hoping my writing juices will charge in and demand to be recognized.

Do you spring clean? Besides the obvious, does diving into a project like spring cleaning have any other benefits?

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