Friday, March 10, 2006

One Last Kid Post...

You can always tell when my kids are on my nerves because I tend to blog more about them and parenting than I would like. I truly like to keep my blog posts evenly mixed with writing and parenting, but sometimes one topic wins out over another. Right now its those @#%^%^&**&% kids of mine. Yeah, I know there really isn't an expletive that long, but they deserve their own special curse word right now.

Anyway, I've heard parents of teenagers talk about how the kids ravage their house after a trip to the grocery store. I'm finding that mine are doing the same thing and they are a ways from the teen years. I filled up my pantry yesterday and a bunch of the stuff is gone. The apples have been looted. The Pop Tarts are gone. The sourdough bagette disappeared the day I got it. My dh managed to get one sandwich out of the lunch meat I bought. They are barbarians, I tell you. I keep my pantry locked with a chain lock but they have figured out how to unhook it with a broom handle. So today while I was fixing the toilet upstairs that they broke, they were downstairs sneaking into the pantry. Of course they don't clean up after themselves until I explode.

I've tried having a "snack time" when they get home from school and have a decent snack for them, but they will still look for more food. I don't get it. My son can't keep weight on him. His sister is pretty active so I can understand her and the pre-schooler likes the challenge of breaking into the pantry. She likes sugar.

Anyway, my dread is what happens in another five years when these kids hit their teens. I'll live my life at the grocery store.