Friday, March 24, 2006

Tumultuous Week

This has been a rough week around my house. My hubby has been in trial all week (he's a lawyer, not a defendant). The stress level has been pretty high. He is a sole practitioner so not only does he have the trial to worry about but when he gets home he has his other clients to worry about. His work schedule has disrupted life at home and things have been a little strained.

But enough about him. What's important is how this affects me.

The kids sense when things are crazy and like the velociraptors they are, they go for the juggler on all sides. They have been driving me crazy. Hubby is either snappish or euphoric, depending on how court went. And I'm just riding the wave.

Now here's the crazy part. I've been writing like a madwoman. I put out 6 solid pages yesterday, 3 the day before. Tuesday had me out of the house and doing other stuff but Monday I wrote 1500 words. I guess this happened to be how I dealt with the stress. Some stress cripples me, other sets me free.

Anyway, the trial is over, hubby won. His client was so happy he handed him $100 and told him to go out to dinner. So we took the kids out to dinner at a steakhouse. Not particularly relaxing but the kids got a kick out of it. I hope I can keep the momentum and keep writing. He doesn't have another trial until May.


Today is the day! I've been watching my email and Melynda Beth Skinner's Unofficial List of 2006 Golden Heart® and RITA® Award Finalists for names of people I know. Good luck to all of you.

For those of you who don't know, this is like the Academy Awards for romance writers. RITA's are for published, Golden Heart is for unpublished.