Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snow Days

Most people think I live in Southern California so I can party with Lindsay Lohan or sit and exchange child-rearing tips with Britney Spears over lattes. But no, the real reason is the weather. I like the lack of seasons, I like the warmth and the sunshine. I don't crave a white Christmas.

It snowed yesterday. HELLO?????

We were out at a museum up near my house. When we got out, it was pouring rain. Dh comments that is hail. Looking down at my jacket, I realized it wasn't hail but snow. It melts as soon as it hits the ground, but it is so cold here. The highs yesterday didn't get above 40 degrees F. Gimme a break. My kids don't even own a cold weather jacket. This morning I woke up to my entire yard frozen over. This is bad news because a bunch of my trees are blooming. My citrus trees are going to take it pretty hard. I guess it is an excuse to drink hot buttered rums. Like I need an excuse....

On the writing front....

I'm still working on my voice workshop. I love doing workshops and articles because they keep me in the game even if my own writing is at a halt. I tend to pick topics that I'm working on for myself or have given me trouble. Doing a workshop helps me get through my own problems. My last topic was about how to find the strengths one's writing and apply it to developing a voice. I really think all writers have a voice, but sometimes it needs to be cultivated. If a writer can find their strengths, they can find their voice that much faster.

I felt like giving up on my historical again for no particular reason, so I worked on something completely different. After punching out a few pages of a new project, I turned back to my historical and felt renewed vigor for it. It really is a good story and the characters are strong. It seems to flow pretty well. Where I get stuck is when the hero or heroine are in a narrative section. I'd rather do dialogue but sometimes continuity requires explanation.