Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You Said WHAT????

I firmly believe in saying what I want when I want. I don't care for censorship and the like. But I also believe if one is going to write something which is going to be seen wide and far on the Internet, one should be prepared for the reprisals.

I censor myself. I try not to swear too much in my posts. I don't bash on too many people except for my kids. I've written blog posts and paused before I hit "publish post," what if my MIL read this? Hubby has been known to peruse my blog now and then, what if he read this? Or my mother finally figured out the Internet and found my blog? Then I end up deleting it. There are repercussions for what we say and I have been burned before.

I'm not saying my opinions aren't valid or the problem isn't worth talking about, but sometimes I have to think if it is worth it. Sometimes it is. If you annoy someone in the process, oh well. Things need to be said. The only thing is that you need to be prepared for what comes of it.

Anyway, there is a point here. I was researching an agent today when a blog popped up during my search. This person went off on a rant about this agent, calling this agent names and encouraging the readers to try and make this agency's life hell. The blogger even posted the rejection letter that set her off.

I winced.

So she doesn't like this person. Okay, fine. But to make such a production over it shocked me. I wonder if this blogger realizes how damaging such a rant could be in the future? Perhaps an agent is looking at her work and happens to check out her blog. Are they really going to be that interested in representing her after reading her diatribe?

The Internet is a very little place where news travels at the speed of a "send" button. We've seen it happen time and time again.

Have you seen people post things on their blog that surprised you or you found distasteful? Has it influenced you to quit reading their blog? Or if it was an author, did it discourage you from buying their books? No need for names, just curious.

I was going to talk about my daughter's uncanny ability for playing "Punch-Buggy" but I thought this topic was more relevant.