Saturday, January 28, 2006

Banging My Head on the Keyboard

I'm taking a great online class about paranormal writing. Currently, I'm not working on a paranormal but I had an idea for one I wanted to try. So I've been using that as my "homework" for this class. Of course the more I think about it, the more solid it becomes. But I have committed myself to the historical I'm working on. I like my historical and the plot is moving the way I want it, except I don't the big black moment for the hero and heroine.

It is driving me crazy. I have a couple of black moments for the hero and heroine individually, but I need something that will tear my couple apart, making them miserable. I really like to see my people suffer, so this is driving me crazy. I see them starting to get together and I see them falling apart, but I haven't figured out why. My usual way of writing is figuring out the black moments first then writing around them, but this is a different kind of book. Setting is a bigger part than it usually is for me.

Sigh...I hope it comes to me soon or I'm likely to have my own black moment.