Monday, January 09, 2006

There Was Much Rejoicing Through The Land....

The kids went back to school today.  Oh, the peace.  Of course, because I had them home so much, I hadn’t gone to the grocery store so we had no food.  I refuse to go shopping with all three of them.  It is a nightmare.  They spend the time fighting or asking for stuff.  It is distracting and annoying.  

DH asked me how I thought summer was going to go.  I felt my face pale and I wondered if I should go get a job.  Would you like fries with that?

My kids aren’t bad.  They are difficult with strong personalities (that is a nice way of saying they are spoiled brats).  But having them home all the time is like being plunged into a three ring circus.  The level of activity and the volume is enough to drive me nuts.  Mostly because I am used the relative quiet of being home with just one child.  And while Thing is a total pain, I can deal with her okay one on one.  BTW, she was “congested” last night so I had to give her some Benadryl.  We all slept well last night.

Last summer I had all sorts of plans, but none of them panned out.  But it does make me think I need to put some thought into the summer now before it arrives and I don’t have a chance to get organized.  I’d like to put them in summer daycamp, but with three kids, the price is pretty steep.  If I could only sell a book.

My writing isn’t going as well as I’d hoped.  My schedules haven’t gone as planned and I’m not as flexible as I should be.  Stuff happens.  Mentally, I know that but another part is unforgiving.  Then I get frustrated.  Frustration leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering and next thing you know, I’ll be working for the Dark Side.  Well, probably not.  Master Yoda can’t help me here.

If I sit for fifteen minutes and mull over what needs to be done and how I can fit some writing time in, I am back to my happy go lucky self.

This week over at Search for the Good Life I’m talking about meal planning and shopping.  Today the topic is creating a weekly menu.