Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends....

Thanks for everyone's comments about my WIP problems. I had a chat with my friend Becky and I figured out the problem. It is an old one that I've struggle with before. I have a problem with motivation for my heroes. My heroines are easy, so are my villians, but heroes are tough. If I look at reality, the men around me have far less interesting motivations. Heroes in fiction are angst-ridden. Angst for my dh is when the Lakers are losing. Romance heroes have elaborate plans to defeat the villian and claim their birthright. My dh weeds the yard early in the morning so he can watch football for the rest of the day. Heroes in romance novels use complicated plots and flowery language to seduce their women. My dh takes a shower. So I have a tougher time with men.

So I chatted with Becky and figured out what was driving my hero and what his motivations were. I feel much better about my WIP and know where I need to go.