Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year...Please pass the carrot sticks

So looking back through the week, I decided my best course of action was a simple resolution.  I will write every day on my WIP.  Well, actually, I will write five days a week as a minimum.  Once I get that habit established, I can firm up my goals, make them tougher.  No rewards for such a simple plan.  I’ll save those for when I make specific goals.  I need to figure out when I’m going to write during the day.  I really don’t have a time that is best, I can pretty much write any time of day.  

I’d also like to get other facets of my life organized.  I have to confess, I hired a housekeeper to help out.  She is going to clean the kitchen and three of the bathrooms every other week (I have a 4200 sq. ft. house w/4 bathrooms).  It helps a lot knowing I don’t have that to do every week.  I can use the time for other things.  Unfortunately, not writing but rather the chores I find hard to get to like dusting.

The truly ugly part of my day came when I got on the scale this morning.  Oh. My. Goodness.  What have I been doing?  Or rather eating?  I’m not super-uptight about my weight, heck, I’m nearing forty and I’ve had three kids, I’m not model material.  But my weight gain reflects a lack of care for my health.  I feel the weight in my joints and back.  So I’m really going to work on watching what I eat and kick into the exercise.  I know Melissa had a weight loss blog, I might start one myself to keep me accountable.

Hope everyone had a nice New Year.  We are expecting a heavy storm tonight through tomorrow, meaning the Rose Parade is going to get drenched.  I always hope for this every year, not sure why, just my twisted sense of humor I suppose.