Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If Money Were No Object....

When I was in Vegas (actually Henderson) we went into a cute kids' clothing store. The stuff was adorable but the prices.... Most of the outfits were priced over $100. I'm not kidding. I looked at the outfits and I wondered, if I were wealthy beyond reason, could I spend that kind of money on an outfit for a 6 month old? I can't see me doing it. I think I would still cut coupons and shop at Target and Wal Mart, looking for a deal. I suppose I would be more willing to spend money on other things, but at the core, I can't imagine spending obscene amounts on stupid things.

How about you? Say you woke up Bill Gates-wealthy tomorrow. Would it change your core spending habits? This goes beyond "If I had a million dollars" question. Once the novelty wore off, would you be able to spend without thought or would those bourgeois values kick in?