Saturday, January 21, 2006

Greetings from Sin City

Yes, it has been a non-stop whirl of thrills here. We went to a buffet yesterday for lunch then visited relatives then came home. That was it. We watched t.v. My son is fighting a cold, so he really didn't want to go out. Today we have an exciting trek to Chuck E. Cheese planned.

I did go into my first Wal Mart Supercenter yesterday. Oh, I am in love. The prices! The aisles! The selection! We only have regular Wal Marts where I live and they are horrible. Ugh!

You know you are pathetic when the highlight of your trip is a tour of the local Wal Mart. No, Michelle, I didn't get to go to Cirque, that was a joke. I've never been to a Vegas show in my life, and I was born here!

I will be glad to get home tomorrow.