Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Dark Ages of Little League

It is that time. Little League has begun. My husband is managing a farm level team (ages 6-8) and Diva is playing. This year, they had a record number of girls sign up for the division which I think is great. Yes, there is girl's softball, but at this age level, they don't take it seriously. A lot of girls spend their early years in Little League then make the switch around 10. Anyway, hubby drafted a team of six boys and seven girls. He wanted to make it as even as possible. For the most part, kids don't care. My daughter's team had two girls last year and the boys treated them like any other ball player. At this age, they don't care. They just want to play ball.

The dad's aren't quite as thrilled. During the draft, the league president told my husband that one dad said he heard there would be an all girl team and he didn't want his daughter on it. When hubby called his parents last night, a couple of the dads were not thrilled to hear their son was playing with a bunch of girls. Obviously, our team is going to blow chunks with all these girls. Heck, girls can't play baseball, can they?

First off, farm division is a learning league, not competitive. They don't keep score. It's coach-pitched. Second, physically, girls have the advantage in many cases. My daughter is taller than most of her classmates and stronger. She plays as hard as the boys and is just as competitive. These girls want to play baseball, they are going to do their best. Third, it just pisses me off that we are still in this mindset.

It's a bunch of kids playing baseball. It saddens me that people see it as something less or something more. Their kids no matter what gender are going to have fun and learn. Isn't that what it is all about?

BTW, you know what's really cool? When you hit "spellcheck" and there are no mispellings.

Oh yeah, I posted an article I wrote for my chapter newsletter over at Villa In Tuscany about the hero's journey.

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