Monday, February 19, 2007

Winter Blahs

I'm feeling odd these days. I have this great urge to burst into action, to accomplish a mammoth to-do list. I make plans, I see what needs to be done and I start...then I fizzle.

I'm not sure why, it just seems so hard to maintain enthusiasm. I suspect it is the winter blahs. In my mind, I know what I want to do, can see what needs to be done but my intentions dry up before I really get started. For instance, this morning I made plans to work in my kids' toy room and start dumping toys (you know, the endless Happy Meal toys that clog up ever corner of the house) and start moving Thing's toys upstairs. But now that its noon, I can barely focus on folding some towels.

I start every week with big workout plans, but my ambition fades before I can get my bag packed. I sit down to write with a page number in mind and when I sit down, I get maybe half that number.

The world seems very gray right now, colorless, which is probably because its rainy and cloudy. By then end of summer I'm eager for winter, but I forget what winter brings along with it. Even in California it is a less than active time. Also, I am surrounded by the signs of spring. My trees are getting ready to bloom and the roses are already showing new growth. Yet that feeling of winter hibernation lingers.

I've noticed that my mood lightens and my energy increases when the sun is out. I know some people feel more creative when its raining and cold, but I've come to realize I'm not one of them. I like the idea of being cozied up at home with the rain and the cold outside and diving into my writing or some other project, but I realize it isn't me. I'm a warm summer day kind of gal.

How affected by the weather are you? Have you ever noticed how your moods are affected?

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