Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thirteen Recipes Using Girl Scout Cookies

Your daughter, niece, neighbor, friend's daughter, etc. has tagged you to buy up score of Girl Scout cookies. Sure, you can sit in your chair watching t.v. eating cookies, but there are some creative things you can do with them.

1. Mint Delight
2. Scavenger Delight
3. Cafe crusted pork tenderloin
4. Thin mint mashed potatoes
5. Chicken sate with Sezchuan peanut sauce
6. Dirt Dessert
7. Olde English Trifle with Old Fashioned Shortbread Trefoils
8. Raspberry-Chocolate Cheesecake Cups
9. Cafe Capriole Crisp
10. All About Tiramisu
11. Trémoa Cheese Cake
12. Banana Tagalong Crostada
13. Dirty Girl Scout Technically, this has nothing to do with Girl Scout cookies, but it sure looks yumm.

So apparently this is the last Thursday Thirteen, I'm sorry to see it go. I've met so many cool people through it and I sure had a blast reading them. Keep In Touch!!!

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