Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Light My Fire

Perhaps it is the nature of the season or a cyclical phase I'm in, but my ambition to write has dropped. I have ideas, no issue with writer's block. But I have no desire to open up Word and work on a story.

I do have other stuff going on. Girl Scout cookie sales are ending which means I have to get all the orders together and submit them. Baseball practice starts Friday and I need to be ready to coach. My kids' principal is really pushing me to be more active with their capital campaign to earn money for our school's new computers. I think he wants to push me into more. We don't have PTA, we have a governance council. Parents also participate in hiring teachers and all sorts of other stuff. I'd rather get a root canal. But I have met some nice people I wouldn't have ordinarily met.

But still, there has been plenty of time to write. I've languished. I'm not working out either although time for that has been a bit more limited. Anyway, one isn't dependent on the other.

So I think on Sunday I'm going to host a Book In A Week, "Romance your Romance" over at Villa in Tuscany. No, you don't have to be working on a romance, I just liked the wording. It's a week to spend a little extra time focusing on your WIP, to light a fire under your creativity and get it going. It isn't about editing or perfect writing, but it is about getting word counts down. I'll post on Sunday and all you need to do is think of what your goals are for the week and post them. For those of us that are struggling, I'm hoping the added impetus will get us to where we should be as writers.

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