Friday, February 23, 2007

I'd Rather Be Writing

Greetings from Cookie Central! I'm taking a quick break from cookie duty to post. I picked up 66 cases of Girl Scout cookies and now I need to divide them up between the girls. Ugh!
I started a new story and I'm eager to immerse myself in it.

I'm struggling with writing what I want and what I think will sell. Unfortunately, I found myself not focusing on what I want to write but what will do well in the market. Big mistake. One thing my agent liked about "Tamsyn Unbound" (that's the name of my book) was she got a sense that I had a good time writing it. And I did. I didn't worry about the market when I wrote it, I just thought it was a fun story to write. Now I need to work on something new and I could feel the doubt crowding in. How was I going to write something that would sell? Talk about missing the point. I started a few things and I was dissatisfied with them. I was worried too much about the elements and how I thought they would fit in the marketplace.

This time, I went with how I felt, wrote the book the way I envisioned it. And I'm having fun. Because isn't that what its all about?

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend. Wednesday was my husband's birthday and today is my mom's. We are going to Benihana's this weekend to celebrate. Tomorrow is picture day for baseball and we are going to scrimmage another team. That should be fun. What are you up to?

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