Saturday, December 31, 2005


Before I create my writing goals for 2006, I’ve been trying to examine strategies and issues that affect my ability to write.  Time management, rewards and control of the environment all influence writing.  But one of the biggest influences is the support I get from outside.

Where does your support come from?  Those that are members of RWA, do you find the organization a support and resource for your writing?  Do you belong to any chapters and do they help?  How about online writing forums, do you find strength from an online community?  Do you belong to any other writing organizations?  Yahoo lists?

What about critique partners.  Do you belong to a critique circle and do they help bolster you when you are flagging?  How about face-to-face contact?  Do you meet with a group or a person to discuss writing?

Are blogs helpful?  Do you find support through the blogging community?

What support do you receive outside of the writing community?  Is your family supportive?  Do you have a group of non-writing friends who help you along?  Do they sometimes prove negative rather than positive?

For me, I can’t go it alone.  I have a support system in place that keeps me involved whether I’m writing or not.  If weren’t for my writing friends, I would have given up a long time ago.  My family isn’t the most supportive but I do have one non-writing friend who is an invaluable support.  I’m not real public with the world at large about my writing so I suppose it is no wonder I don’t find support from many outside sources.  Are you public with your writing and do you think that influences your success as a writer?