Tuesday, December 20, 2005

10 Reading Secrets

It's 4 a.m. and I can't breathe, ergo I can't sleep. My cold seems to have gone from getting better to getting worse and my chest keeps constricting. So off to the doctor tomorrow if I can get in.

Anyway, Amy tagged me so here goes:

Ten Reading Secrets

1. I pretty much read romance.

2. I read a lot of non-fiction, usually for research although I love reading about history.

3. I keep a book in my car at all times.

4. When I read "Silence of the Lambs," my parents left for a trip and I had to put the book down until they came home because it scared me so bad.

5. In high school I was in Shakespeare Society. We got together once a week and read the plays. Yes, I was a geek.

6. I buy more books than I read.

7. When I was a teenager, the one gift I could be sure of getting at Christmas was the latest Victoria Holt hardback (until she died).

8. My most hated high school reading was either "The Bear" by Faulkner or "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" by James Joyce. Or maybe it was "My Antonia" by Willa Cather.

9. I read tabloids in the grocery store line.

10. I've never read a Nora Roberts book although I did read one J.D. Robb book.

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