Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Phillip's Head Screwdrivers

My hand has finally recovered from the constant twisting motion required from using a screwdriver.  I cannot count how many battery compartments I opened and stuffed with “AA” batteries over the last couple of days.  Even simple toys seem to require some kind of juice.

Santa was pretty generous this year.  The boy got a telescope with an automatic aligning program.  Katie got a Barbie styling head and a Barbie house.  Allison got a Geotrax train.  Very cute and easy to put together and operate.  I got a pair of wireless headphones for my iPod.  Very cool and they work great.  

Hubby takes the last two weeks of the year off from work.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, considering we are getting our kitchen remodeled next month) he has had to do work at home.  He set up the home office to his liking and kicked me out.  But every day he has had to spend some time working.  Kind of a bummer but such is life when you are self-employed.

We have one last week of good food before we go on the ol’ diet.  I’ve really packed it on these holidays.  I need to get writing.  When I write, I get too involved to stop and snack.  I’m also going to hit the gym big this January.  I believe a healthy writer is a better writer.  The physical requirement of sitting in one position for any length of time is so bad on the back.  

January is a time of new beginnings and I’m going to take part of this week to plan a writing strategy.   I think that will be my blogging theme for the week.