Saturday, December 17, 2005

Calm Before the Storm

Thursday night I went to a Christmas party on a yacht in Newport Beach to see the lights. The boat toured around while boats decorated with lights paraded about the harbor. This is the main pavillion at Balboa. Most of my pictures turned out really bad, this was one of the few that looked good.

Anyway, I got dressed up and even wore hose. Okay, it was tights because it was chilly out there. I wore make-up, impressing myself that I remembered how to put it on. What really blew me away was my shoes. By the end of the evening I thought my feet were going to fall off they hurt so bad. But I used to wear these things all the time when I worked full time. Geez louise, I wonder how I did it? They looked cute and that was what mattered. The party had an open bar, appetizers and a full dinner. It was pretty good, but very long. And you can't just get up and leave unless you want to swim. So that was my Christmas party for the year. I suspect hubby is going to want to host one next year if our kitchen is done.

I'm fighting a flu or something right now. I woke up coughing and short of breath. I used my asthma inhaler and it helped but it gave me the shakes. I'm trying to avoid using it. Holiday cookies and candy seem to ease the misery .

Today would be a good day to write, but I feel so lousy I really have to motivation to do it. I believe this is the calm before the storm. Next week is going to be hectic. And with some of the family dynamics around here, it could get a little loopy. So I'm going to enjoy my peace for little while.