Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Mother's Day Post

This picture was a gift from my daughter. Her class went on a field trip to the Santa Monica Pier for a museum tour and they ate lunch on the beach. The teacher snapped photos of them while they weren't aware. I love this picture. The Diva made a frame for it, covered it with sand and a seashell she found.

My kids fixed me breakfast in bed. Then they decided to clean the house. I tried to convince them it wasn't necessary, but they insisted. I really just wanted them to clean their rooms. But they started sweeping and mopping. My house smelled like a Swiffer factory. They went through a whole can of window cleaner. Ah well, it was the thought. I was restless myself. I ended up cleaning the kitchen. Then I thought I would write but I ended up playing Rise of Nations for hours.

But now it is back to the grind. I'm kind of glad. As much as I like the thought of pampering, it goes against my grain. Perhaps it is the salt-of -the-earth farmer folk ancestors of mine (some of them were Amish) or my need to control my environment, but I can't sit still and watch others do MY jobs.

Is there any task that you prefer doing yourself? Do your loved ones try to do something you do and it drives you crazy? My particular one is coffee-making. I don't want anyone else in the house to make the coffee. Weird, I know, and I should be grateful, but still.