Friday, May 05, 2006

The Men in my Life

No, not the ones who think sweatpants with holes in the knees are the height of fashion. Nor the ones who open the fridge and ask where the milk is (that would be the big, white right in front). I'm not talking about the ones who clutch the television remote as if it was the Holy Grail.

I'm talking about my heroes, the fellows I create. In romance, they pretty much fall into two categories: Alphas & Betas. We love Alphas, those caveman/sword-wielding/SEAL/delta Force/cowboy/renegade FBI agent who shoot first, ask questions later and have thighs as hard as granite. They know what a woman wants, using their overwhelming masculinity to woo her into bed. But they don't fall in love because sometime in there past, some gal has done'em wrong. But the heroine is able to tame him while he maintains his brooding maleness. He's cool, he's fun and we ladies love'em.

Then we have the Betas. They think before they act. They are much more cautious when falling in love. They've been burned in the past. They too have trust issues like their Alpha compadres, but they tend to dress better. In some ways, they are harder to get to for the heroine. They talk too damn much. But they are interesting, usually have some tragedy in their past which makes it difficult for them to love and forces the heroine to use more than her hot body to get them into bed. He's a challenge, good-looking and we ladies love'em.

I tend to write Betas. Even my vampires are Betas. They may try and act like Alphas, but they generally can't maintain the illusion. I have to admit to admiring intellectuals so I go that way in my books. Physically, they are handsome, but without bulging muscles. While they are sexual creatures, they are not promiscuous but still they manage to please the heroine while enraging her at the same time.

I'm comfortable about writing these guys, I can see where they are going, see how they develop. But that isn't what being a writer is all about. Writing is about taking risks and not only facing but finding challenges. The two WIPs I'm focused on right now need Alpha males to make them work. Why these stories have cropped up in my Beta-loving mind, I don't know, but I like them and I want to write them. So I got to suck it up and write Alpha men.

It isn't easy for me, but I'm enjoying it. Definitely presents totally different issues with regards to my conflicts. Oh, I haven't given up my Betas. My straight historical features a Beta hero. But I'm having fun with my tough guys and I'm going to bet they creep into my writing even more now that I've experienced them.


I love a holiday that encourages Tecate drinking.