Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Writing Post

Going through the titles of my past posts, I figure y'all probably think I'm losing it. I'm not, I'm just whining (hence the name of this blog). Truly, things are going well. Amazing how much easier life is with a potty-trained child at home.

Anyway, I've been writing. Not as much this week as last, but I'm definitely making progress. I like my WIPs. They are varied and I find when I switch back and forth to different ones, my creativity juices up for the others. Typical Gemini, I can't just settle with one. I don't know what I'd do if I had to choose between Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman. My head would blow off.

My one WIP is a paranormal historical where the heroine reads Tarot cards for a living. I don't know how to read Tarot cards so I'm learning. I got the prettiest cards, they are the Harmonious Tarot. I just love looking at them. So I'm taking a course through Barnes & Noble University and I got a book. I have several friends who read the cards, but I wanted to know how to do it myself. I'm like that with my writing. I had a story with a sword fight scene. I couldn't mentally get the feel so I went ahead and took a fencing class. It really helped. Anyway, I figure if I learn how to read the cards, I could add some panache to family gatherings.

This week I'm back to my contemporary vampire story. I'm writing it for the new Nocturne line over at Silhouette and so this is a different experience for me. I have to constantly remind myself the book is about the hero and the heroine, the other stuff is used to enhance the relationship. Even if I can't sell the book, it is awesome experience in working with conflict for the characters.

In other writing stuff, I'm in a small group trying to start a new RWA chapter. We are trying to start one which will serve the eastern L.A. county area of Southern California. The L.A. chapter is pretty far for most of us to attend as is the OCC/RWA. I belong to that one and won't give up my membership, but my distance from the chapter interferes with my participation. So if you live anywhere from Pasadena all the way to the western section of San Bernadino county, let me know if you are interested.

After Lady M's comments about water, I decided to do a little research and I talk about what I've found over at Search for the Good Life. Melissa talks about her concerns about being "branded" with regards to her historical writing over atAinsley Park. While she enjoys writing about the Regency-era, she'd like to be able to branch out to other time periods. She worries that if she does publish in one time period, she will be stuck for all time in that era.