Friday, May 26, 2006

Dance Lessons

First, about summer: No, I will not be going to Atlanta for RWA. I don't think my family is ready to do without me for that long. Next year will work better, I hope....

I am supposed to go to Utah for a family reunion at the end of June. I'm thrilled. There is nothing more fun in my mind then riding in a motorhome with my 3 kids and my folks for 600 miles. All so we can visit relatives I've never met. Supposedly the reunion is being held on the property of one of my relatives. It's probably one of those polygamist compounds. I've been watching Big Love so I know what to look for. If these cousins of mine are dressed like extras for "Little House in the prairie," I'm outta there.

I signed up for ballroom dance lessons. I've been hassling the hubby for years that we should learn to dance. He's always paid me lipservice about it but I finally put things into action. My town's human services is offering a dance class. DH will be a good sport about it, its only one hour a week. He likes to dance, he's just not very good at it. I'm no Ginger Rogers myself so this should be an experience. I wanted to take a swing class but hubby ixnaed that immediately.

Do you dance? Is it something you and your significant other enjoy doing?