Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Father's Day

...and anniversary, and Christmas, and birthday!

Hubby bought himself a new scooter. And not just any old scooter, he felt the need to get a Vespa. You know, with gas prices and all, it just made sense for him to get a scooter. You can't see this but I am rolling my eyes. He has wanted a Vespa since the day I met him. He'd really like a vintage one but they aren't the most reliable for what he needs. It is cool, I have to admit not that I trust myself to ride it.

He's had a pretty good weekend so far. Yesterday we had our team party for little league. For the first time in many seasons I'm sorry to see the season end. We had a great team with wonderful parents. I even found a great babysitter in one of the older sisters. After the party dh went down to the scooter store and bought himself this little number. Today he went off to an Angel game with his brother-in-law, leaving me home with the 3 kids.

I wasn't thrilled. I haven't talked about it too much but the kids have been extremely difficult over the last week, enough that I've had a few breakdowns. So he almost said no. I told him it was okay. I'm keeping score. I figure at this rate he'll owe me enough that I can go to the RWA conference next year in Dallas.

I got crabby over at Ainsley Park today. I'm tired of historical romance authors getting complacent about the details. I'm getting persnickety in my old age.