Monday, May 01, 2006


Do you remember that old Jimmy Buffett song? To me, its one of those songs which herald summer to me. Beach reads, days at the pool, a carefree season with an increase in foo foo martini drinking.

Only it isn't carefree. Sometimes being a grown up sucks. Having the responsibilities of adulthood can be so exhausting. And kids don't appreciate it, I know I didn't. Ah well.

Anyway, I'd love to have a "Margaritaville Week" where the only thing I was worried about was my lost shaker of salt. About a week is all I could take, but still. I watch those stupid Corona ads where the people sit on a pristine beach and drink beer. I'm envious except I would rather skip the Corona and go straight for a mai tai.

Unfortunately, I'm not a laid back person. Even on vacation I have planned activities. I think I take pleasure just in the fantasy. I have my mental place I go to and sip drinks with umbrellas and visualize a crystal ocean and sandy beach. Do you have a mental Margaritaville you keep in your mind? Do you ever retreat to some place else in your mind and take a break from reality?

No, I'm not overwhelmed or anything, I get summer fever as opposed to spring fever. I long for the heat. Then I break out the Beach Boys and the reggae discs.