Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Aloha Spirit...

is alive and well in Vegas. If you have ever been to Hawaii, the ABC Store is a familiar site. For those who have never been, let me just say this store saturates the island in a way Starbucks could only dream of doing. They are everywhere. They are a combo convenience store and souvenir shop. And they are now my favorite Hawaiian store since Hilo Hatties got expensive and classy on me. By the way, this mall did have a Hilo Hatties. I really didn't bother with it because we have one in Orange County in California. Anyway, on our trek through the Aladdin's Desert Passage shopping center.

The Desert Passage is designed to look like an Arabian Nights type of village. As you can see, they really go in for the fake skies. The Forum Shops at Caeser's Palace also employs this technique. Check out this Bath & Bodyworks

Isn't that cool? This was a pretty nice mall. It had a Ben & Jerry's, how could it go wrong? This was the nicest part of the trip. It was just my mom, my aunt, me and my older daughter. The stores here were more my type, meaning I wouldn't have to sell a child to buy something. Plus, they had ship coming through the wall. Gotta love that.