Monday, June 26, 2006

You Look Like a Tourist

That's what my mom said while I was snapping away at the Venetian. This is a view of the Canal Shoppes. You can ride in the gondolas down the fake canals for a mere $15 per adult and $7.50 per child. What a rip off. They have a bridal gondola and I saw a line of brides waiting for their romantic cruise down the canal, being stared at by pasty people taking a break from the slots. Most of the stores are the pricey kind I don't go into but it is pretty.

This fellow above is a living statue. He stands there, people squint at him. Occasionally he blinks. As you can see, people give him money too.

Here is the ceiling to part of the hotel. Pretty impressive. The whole ceiling is painted like this in the one part of the hotel. Talk about opulent. No wonders they charge a screaming fortune for gondola rides.

So we are home now, safe and sound. I cannot tell you how glad I am. My aunt's place is a little small for me and my three kids. It was pretty stressed. Plus the heat was incredible. Of course I came home where the temperatures are in the 90's but the humidity is way up and there is the threat of thunderstorms. However, I am glad to be away from the family. A little family goes a long, long, long way.