Sunday, June 11, 2006


With summer having arrived in all its glory, I start thinking about projects. Not goals per se, but projects. Those mammoth or incidental tasks set aside for a time when I have time. While I'm not real thrilled with the prospect of having my kids home, it also means the end of their activities until fall. No more carting kids to ball games or practice, no after-school classes and no in-school events which take up so much time. Heck, I gain over an hour by not taking and picking the kids up. So I need to turn my attention to something.

My project for the summer is organizing all of my magazine cut outs. Oh, I'm a rabid recipe hound. I tear out so many recipes then stick them in a drawer. Then a file folder. And now they are residing in a huge plastic container along with organizing implements. I figure if I work on the project 15 minutes a day, I'll make some headway and actually have some of the pasted and able to use in a binder.

That's my big project. What about you? Any project you have pushed aside?