Friday, June 02, 2006


How come I'm never satisfied? Is it a human trait?

I complained to Melissa yesterday that I was feeling restless. My house was clean, there were no tasks that needed to be done. I had plenty of time to write but I couldn't make myself sit down and do it. Here I had plenty of time to do those things I complain I never have time to do, and yet I couldn't get myself doing any of it. Why is that?

Mel thinks I need a vacation and maybe she is write. Perhaps a change of scenery is what I need. I also feel as if I'm on the edge of a precipice, that when the kids get out of school, the ground will fall from beneath my feet and everything will change. Not that it is a bad thing, I am looking forward to doing things with the kids this summer. There are a wealth of museums and libraries all over the area which would be fun to go to and there is also the beach.

But I can't help feeling this edginess, a feeling I can't put a name to. Do you get restless? Do you ever find yourself staring into space wondering what the heck you should be doing?

I did get some good news yesterday. My daughter has had the same teacher for kindergarten and first grade. She told me yesterday that next year she will be teaching a K-1-2 class, so my daughter gets her for another year. Poor woman, when my daughter finally leaves her class, my youngest will be there waiting. I'm very fortunate with my kids' school because the teachers are so available. This woman is amazing and I'm so thrilled my daughter will have her again.