Friday, June 16, 2006


Today is the first day of summer vacation at my house. I told my husband I would try my best to remain sober by the time he got home. The Diva woke early and immediately started hassling me for a variety of things. I couldn't wait for The Thing to wake up so they could entertain each other. I put them in the bathtub just to give me some time this morning to blog.

I have a new challenge this summer. My kids are turning into vegetarians. I'm not kidding. We have to beg them to eat their meat on their plates. And I'm not feeding them liver or goat's head or anything scary like that. I made Milanesa the other night. This is basically thin steak battered and fried. They wouldn't eat it. Took seconds on the cauliflower and the salad, but skipped the meat. While I don't mind this so much (I'm a carnivore, I could skip fruit and veggies altogether), I am going to have to adjust our menus to reflect this change. The girls love cheese, so I can work with that. My son is obsessed with healthy food. At ten, he is constantly asking if one dish is healthier than another. Of course he won't go out and exercise which I've tried to explain is just as important as a healthy meal. The kid has this incredible metabolism. He out-eats me and yet he is so thin even the slim size pants have to be belted. Cinched, actually.

The kids get their freedom today but I think on Monday I'm going to start a schedule. There is no way I can have a summer like last year where the inmates ran the asylum.