Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fred & Ginger



Moving on:

Last night hubby and I had our second dance class. I can safely say we aren't the worst couple there. We both have our strengths and weaknesses on the dance floor. I can't follow. It really is difficult not to try and lead. Or I try anticipating his steps before he leads me. He's much better at the fox trot than I am. I'm better at the swing. This is the first time we've done something together like this in a long time. I'm not sure why. Anyway, its fun to do something totally unrelated to the kids.

Moving on to kids, today is the last day of school. We have become the summertime home to one of my daughter's class pets, a fire belly toad. After reading about the toad, I found out it prefers to have others for company. The teacher who gave out the toads apparently didn't take that information into consideration. So we are headed to the pet store to buy at least one more. The Thing started the week off well by playing Vidal Sassoon with her hair. I had to make an emergency trip to Supercuts to get it fixed. She did a pretty good hacking job. Her hair went down most of her back. It doesn't anymore. I think its fine for summer anyway. I wanted to post a picture of her but I haven't been able to get her to sit still long enough for a photo. I'm not kidding. I've five blurry photos. I gave up.

On the writing front, well, I've taken a page from Kelly's book and started working on something unrelated, next thing I knew, I had 6 pages. Janie asked what I'm working on, so I thought I would give a quickie rundown. I'm working on an 18th century straight historical, two paranormal historicals, both 18th century although they are from different times, a contemporary erotica and now a contemporary paranormal featuring elves and fairies. Spread a little thin don't ya think? Yeah, but my mind is in a million places. I generally work on a couple for a week or so. The two historical paranormals are higher on my priority list than the rest. But historicals are more exhausting for me. Not just the research, but the use of voice and style. So the contemporaries give me a chance to write more informally and use a more staccato style.