Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Excuse

I thought this was a cool picture. It's a jellyfish. They keep them in a circular tank with some kind of black light on them over at the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Very cool. I think one would look good in my living room.

I've decided I need a new chair. Previously, I was doing all my writing in the office on my computer with a proper chair. Well, at Christmas time my hubby took over the office and exiled me to the family room with my desk. I don't mind. It keeps me out where I can keep an eye on my kids and central to the heart of the home. I've been using a dining room chair but as soon as I get out of it, my back doesn't move. I can't sit more than 10 minutes without being in pain.
This kind of stuff never bothered me when I was younger. When I was in my early 20's I'd write in a pretzel position, sitting for 4 hours with a keyboard in my lap without feeling a thing. Now.... I suppose age does something to us. I'm sure the carrying of babies too large for my frame for 9 month spans hasn't helped either. I think its a pretty good one. I could sit down on the couch and stretch out in a reclining position, but after so many years as a proper Queen Bee secretary, I can't type without correct form. Also, the $#&* laptop runs out of juice in less than a half hour without being plugged in.

So that's my excuse why I haven't been writing. Do you have any good excuses? I'll probably need one if I get a new chair this weekend.