Saturday, June 24, 2006

Valium with a Beer Chaser

That's all I really want. It has been tense here in the desert. I won't go into it right now (it would take me an hour to write that post) but the title should give you a pretty good clue. HOME SWEET HOME has never sounded so good.

On the plus side, we went to Shark Reef today and The Venetian's Grand Canal Shoppes. Both were pretty cool. We went into a store called David & Goliath. I could have gone broke buying tee shirts. They were so cute. They also had a Jimmy Choo store. I thought it wise not to go in. I could easily exchange a child for a pair of shoes.

Tomorrow we are headed to a brunch buffet. They aren't as cheap as they used to be. But then they are still cheaper than California, so I'm not too put out. Not sure what else we will do. When the temps are over 105 degrees, it really discourages one from doing anything.