Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sometimes I'm Inspired

Today was the first meeting for my new RWA chapter. It was a great meeting. We initially thought we would only have 4-5 people but we ended up having about 15. We met at a Barnes & Noble but have decided it will be too small for our gathering. An interesting collection of people arrived, including to guys who just graduated from college and want to write. They heard about us and thought we could help them.

This group seems very interested in craft and they would like to spend some of our time on critiquing along with workshops. They seemed very enthusiastic. I feel inspired, the desire to write, particularly since I have to bring 5 pages next month to critic.

For something extra special, hubby cleaned and waxed the convertible for me so I would have a nice car to drive. He and the kids were gone when I got home, they'd gone to the gym then picked up lunch. It was one of those nice days which is pleasant in its simplicity. This day was made nicer not just because of the weather (which is lovely) or the activity but the people around me. Too often we forget how nice people can be and how being with others is fun rather than a chore.

So how has your Saturday been?

I did get a couple of new books. The British Housewife is a book from the mid-18th century which is full of recipes and tips for running a household. It is a facsimile so the type is the same as when it was originally published, meaning the "s's" look like "f's". But it is pretty interesting and though some of the names have changed, many of the dishes are current. I also got The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells. While I got that one for research, I'm hoping to find one which will make my children behave.