Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beauty and the Geek

Tonight is the season premiere of on of my favorite guilty pleasures. Beauty and the Geek is probably Ashton Kutcher's greatest contribution to western culture. That probably isn't saying a lot. But I love this show. Supposedly they were going to try and do the show with geeky women and good-looking, nitwit guys, but that didn't seem to materialize. I don't imagine there were enough smart women who would be dumb enough to go on the show. Anyway, it becomes a hightlight of my week. Man, I got to get out more.

I revamped Ainsley Park, the historical writers blog and added a new post. I've been so skimpy on the blog thing, I seem to be going into overdrive now. In writing I've started to WIP's and work on them alternately. Also started reading the GH entries. I found I could read an entry on the elliptical machine yesterday and it acdtually made the time fly by. By the way, are we supposed to be judging the synopsis as well?

So, what t.v. show are you looking forward to this year?

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