Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Bell Tolls for Thee

I stand in a cemetary, tendrils of mist twist around the ancient headstones in a malignant dance. The ground beneath me is soft and inconsequential. as if at any moment it will give way and plunge me into a pit of despair. A figure stands before me, lost in the dark folds of its robe, still as death. One hand clutches a massive scythe, the other points a skeletal finger at the headstones. I look away, my fear overwhelming. I do not wish to see what it points at, but I know I have no choice. My eyes slowly scan the ancient stones which tilt off-center in crooked rows. I read them and shudder. Ben & Jerry's. Haagen-Dazs. Cheese. Christmas Cookies. Chocolate Truffles. Laying on the Couch and Watching SpongeBob Squarepants. It is too painful I must look away. The figure doesn't move for a moment but soon the scythe disappears and it pulls open its robe. Two demons take shelter in the dark, impenetrable folds. They look up at me and laugh, the sound sending chills down my back. One has the word "Diet" scrawled across its forehead, the other is named "Exercise." I fear them, despise them, but I know they are my future.

Yeah it's January 2nd.

Not my favorite time of the year as you can tell. For at least two months I've lived in sloth and gluttony, enjoying the treats of the season, embracing the activities required because they kept me out of the gym. But no more. Now I must face my demons and get on with it.

So I've been combing the Internet for aids in the cause of diet and exercise and I thought I'd share them. First, there is the National Body Challenge at Discovery Health. It is an 8 week interactive program which helps you track diet and exercise while providing support with professionals and fellow participants. WebMD has something similar.

I like Meals Matter. This site has lots of good recipes and goes beyond merely weight loss. It targets nutrition and health as well. Low Fat Recipes is pretty explanatory. Fitness Magazine's online site has some workouts as well. For broad spectrum, iVillage has a whole workout section. The WeightWatchers site has a bunch of articles geared for beginning exercisers that you can view without being a member.

Something else I've heard is that the drug orlistat (brand name Xenical) will be sold over the counter this year. This drug works with your digestive system to cut down the absorbtion of fat, allowing it to pass through without sticking. This drug is geared towards people with a serious weight problem or who are overeweight but they have high risk factors. It isn't a magic pill but works in conjunction with diet and exercise to help increase weight loss.

Anyway, hope these links help you. And hopefully most of you have a far better attitude than I do about weightloss. I'm going to hang out in the graveyard and eat some high fiber cereal while the demons laugh.

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