Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh, So NOW You're Interested

I've been writing for a long time. I didn't start writing seriously until six year ago. No one in my family has been particularly interested. That was fine for the most part, I wasn't all that worked up to share. But they knew I wrote and only one person in the family ever asked. Lets speed up to me landing an agent.

Now, they want to know about it. My dh's aunt asked last night when she could read my book. I changed the subject quickly. My first reaction was to say "when the book is sold and you can move you butt down to Barnes & Noble and buy it."

I have no interest in sharing with them now. Perhaps part of it is my fault for not talking about my writing, but whenever I did, I could see them losing interest. They didn't want to know about it.

I probably sound bitter. I'm not, I'm more matter-of-fact, more skeptical. My inlaws are very impressed with this kind of stuff. My nephews are models and actors and my inlaws bend over backwards to help them get to auditions and the like. However, they can't make it to my kids' ball games or the more mundane activities they triumph in. Its easy to focus flash and glamour. But watching a 6 year old girl hit a baseball against a bunch of boys is pretty impressive too. Or attending an author's tea for a 9 year old who published a book through his school's publishing house is pretty exciting. These things will not make my kids famous or put them on the map, but they are triumphs which should be rewarded.

My point is that by not recognizing the smaller triumphs, we are missing out on a lot. And people don't forget. My kids know not to count on part of the family to show up to things and while they don't seem particularly upset by it, they definitely aren't as close to that branch of the family as they could be. In truth, they are the ones missing out.

And now a meme....

Zephra tagged me wit this one:

1. Grab the book closest to you.

2. Open to page 123, look down to the 5th sentence.

3. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog.

4. Include the title and the author's name.

5. Tag 3 people

Most Successful Lawyer - Sir Lionel Luckhoo(Guyana), senior partner of Luchoo and Luckhoo of Georgetown, Guyana, succeeded in securing 245 successive murder-charge acquittals between 140 and 1985.

$1 Billion-Largest Robbery by a Statesman - Amount that Qusay Saddam Hussein - the second son of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein- stole from Iraq's Central Bank in March 2003- just prior to the US-led Invasion.

292 Million Pounds ($435 Million) - Largest Robbery by a Mugger- Value of Treasury bills and certificates of deposit stolen by a mugger who attacked a money-brokers messenger in the city of London, UK, on May 2, 1990.

Guiness World Records- 2007 Edition (it's my son's).

I'm tagging Melissa, Teresa, and Amy. Hopefully you will all have better books than me.

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