Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No

I try to do my part. I volunteer where I can but I wasn't doing as much as I wanted. Now that Thing is getting older and will be going to school next year, I've felt a little freer to participate. Before Christmas, my obligations were pretty nil so I felt confident I could take on more projects. It's not like my writing was going anywhere...sigh.

So I took on the duty of Cookie Manager for Diva's Brownie troop. It isn't too bad right now, but I know it is going to get chaotic once cookies get delivered. I was prepared for that. What I didn't realize at the time was that my writing was actually going to go somewhere. On top of that, my kitchen contractor said he could do my kitchen in mid-February. Yikes.

Now baseball season is coming up. This is hubby's thing, I just show up and watch the games. Well, the man he had planned on having as an assistant coach has decided his kids aren't going to play. So hubby informs me I'm going to be out there coaching (I've coached softball and soccer, so this isn't new to me). Also, there are a ton of girls signed up this year and he would like to get about half the team as girls, therefore he wants a female adult out there at all times. This is a huge time consumer. There are two practices a week before the season starts then two games a week and a practice when the season begins. I'm not pleased, but, I would rather do that then see my dh try to run practice alone. Luckily, I like and understand baseball.

My kids' principal called me up the other day and asked me to sit on a new committee. The school is going to lease computers for Apple and they need to find ways of earning the funds. So he asked me to be on the group finding ways of funding this leasing thing. While I doubt this will take a huge amount of time, it will put my name out there in the volunteer pool and I can imagine I will have a "job" every year until my kids leave the school.

Things are going to slide, definitely. I think it will be the house. But I did make it clear to hubby that writing will have to take priority. Most of these things are staggered when they get over. Cookies will be over when baseball gets into full swing. My contractor assures me I will have a new kitchen before the end of March. So I should be okay.

Are you a person who can't say no?

Part two of the Diva situation

I talked to Diva's teacher yesterday and got a totally different picture of what happened. Apparently, my daughter and her friend came up to the teacher the other day and told her they would be nice to this other little girl but they weren't going to be her friend. I guess the little girl's mother told her that my daughter and her friend were brats and that they she shouldn't play with them anymore. Teacher was shocked. When she saw me outside talking to the mom, she assumed I'd heard the comments. My guess is mom wanted to head me off at the pass before Diva said something. Diva didn't say anything to me about it, I guess it didn't bother her that much. But I talked to her teacher. I'm concerned that I have a budding Evil Sorority sister on my hands, but her teacher assures me that isn't the case. She said the other girl is the one with some real social issues and has brought drama to everything. There is a core group of three girls my daughter belongs to that insulates itself from the drama. Other girls come and go but this group is tight. She doesn't think I have anything to worry about although she is pretty upset that this mother decided to bring this up now, I guess it stirred up a hornet's nest in the classroom.

This other mom has problems. Like all of us, she's made some mistakes, unfortunately, hers had more lasting consequences. She's in a miserable situation and she's emotionally fragile. I'm not upset and I'm going to let it go. I'm not much into drama myself (amazing since that's what I write).

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