Friday, January 05, 2007

A Title, A Title, My Kingdom for a Title

My agent and I have been wracking our brains for a new title for my book. Trust me, the original title was just useless. Titles are not my forte. In fact, when my last daughter was born, I left it up to my husband and 3 year old to name her. So I've been struggling to find a title. It took me longer to come up with some titles than it did for some of the writing.

Do you struggle with titles? Writers, what comes first? Book or title? As a reader, is there a title you think is great? Whether the book was good or not, did the title just ring for you? And how about the worst title? Have you read a book and wondered how it got saddled with such a horrid title?

Titles don't mean much to me. I don't pay much attention and I'm more apt to remember the characters or the plot line than the individual title. Like the Sookie Stackhouse series. Don't remember the names of the books, just the characters and the story line. Or who she's involved with (is she ever going to get back with Eric?). Are titles important to you? Do you have a favorite?

"Love's Tender Fury" is my favorite romance novel title of all time. It is so...nonsensical...I can't resist. The book was actually quite good by an author by the name Jennifer Wilde and was published in the mid-70's. I know the title has been recycled since then, but this will be the book I remember it for.

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