Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cookie Monster

The time is coming, as inevitable as the sunrise, bringing its own warmth and goodness. Yes, it is time for Girl Scout cookies. Sales start next week. I am the designated cookie monster (manager) for my daughter's troop. No one else volunteered and at the time I waved my hand in the air, I didn't know I was going to be starting a major remodel at home or that I would actually have a writing career that showed some promise. But I took on the obligation so I will see it through. To be honest, a decent Excel spreadsheet will solve much of the issues. Hopefully the parents will help out with the girls. The Girl Scouts take this cookie sale seriously. They get big money from it. Troops themselves get money out of it as well. So I will be doing my best. Plus, I knew in my snobby heart of hearts, I could do it better than some of the other moms. I've got experience in this arena so I didn't think it would be too tough.

Not only do we have cookie seaon approaching, we also have baseball. We had sign ups in December and last night hubby took a team. Diva plays and this will be her third year. Her division is non-competitive, they don't keep score and is geared for 7 & 8 year olds. It is coach pitch with a 4 man outfield. I really enjoy the games and my hubby is totally in his element out there. He loves working with the kids. It also means our spring ramps up to constant activity. Little League has two games a week plus practice. Diva is still doing horseback riding and, of course, brownies. I'm definitely going to be a chaffuer for awhile.

My laptop is still unconnected from the network. I've called in the calvary but they haven't called back. Boy, I forgot how much I loved my desktop.

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